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Nisgav is a private company, established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, since 1989.

We can share with your company, organization or any individual our knowledge and experience to improve your company's results.

Hire us for consultancy and sourcing in the following fields.


Cyber Security includes Cyber Defense, Cyber Intelligence, Data Transfer Safety, Network Protection, Avoid Leaks. 
We attend the most recent cyber exhibitions, we partner with few cyber defense companies who are using military technologies, intelligence services methods and some patents that can help you and your company in protecting your data and network. In some cases we can take care to provide you with intelligence so that you will find the threats in advance and be able to take measures and avoid damage to your systems.
Our services are suitable to individuals, small and medium companies to big scale companies, organizations, ministries, government offices, military, law forces, financial institutes. See


As registered brokers we can supply you with diamonds and diamond tools worldwide. We can supply all kind of diamonds with or without rings or earring, directly from the factories, for very attractive prices. See


For more than 17 years we visit international optical shows, in Milano, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, and we have good sources and own line of frames and tools for the optician. 1 very special item in our portofolio is the Chromagen Lens for Color Deficiency.
We produce and distribute the Chromagen Lenses worldwide. Chromagen Lens can be supplied as Contact Lens or as Glasses. With our Chromagen Contact Lenses you can pass any Color Vision Test in your Employment Test.
We developed a Free Online Ishihara Test to let you see how our lens is working and upon the test results we can advice you which Chromagen Lens you need. 
For free online test See
For Chromagen Lenses see


We have cooperation with the biggest suppliers of smart phones and their Smart Phone Parts and Smart Phone Accessoires. For online store


We have in our portofolio a very good Dutch producer and supplier of Bikes & Hoverboards, Smart Boards. All made in high quality and very attractive price. For Bikes & Hoverboards see


We assist a big importer and supplier of all kind of Vitrines & Desks for small or big offices or stores. All with wholesale prices. 

Programming, Design, IT

We have few top programmers and graphic designers to build, design, write your software or make changes in your web site. We can deal with all kinds of programming, scripts, designs, logos, payment methods. For info and advice contact us by email

We have experience with our sources and took care to deliver our customers high quality and the best price in the market. For more info call +31-653-160118 or email

  • SpyThere is a Cyber Defense company. We provide Cybersecurity by delivery of advance Cyber Intelligence.
  • Worldwide supply of diamonds direct from the factories
  • NISGAV ::  More than 100,000 new and popular telecom items, cheap worldwide shipping
  • Supplier of diamond tools - Nisgav Diamonds Tools
  • Chromagen Lenses for Color Blindness and Dyslexia, production and worldwide supply
  • Winkelinrichting, vitrines, balies en Bedrijfsartikelen
  • Alfa Bikes BV - Producer and supplier of bikes
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